Ali and Kate met on the dating app Hinge. Ali was traveling to Seattle for work with her company 160over90 and Kate had just moved to the Bellevue area three months prior. After talking for a few days on Hinge, Ali asked Kate if she wanted to grab a drink. Kate told her she had just the place! Ali had to work early that evening so Kate picked her up after. We joked that Kate was Ali’s Uber driver since she was afraid to just pull up and wait, so she did a drive by and Ali quickly hopped in. Kate had a bottle of wine (from Chateau St. Michelle, a local winery) and a blanket, and took Ali to Gasworks Park. As the sun had just gone down, Ali and Kate set up the blanket, popped the bottle of wine, and took in the gorgeous view of the Seattle skyline across the lake. In true Seattle fashion, it started to rain. Kate had checked the weather that day and rain didn’t seem to be in the forecast (for once). She was upset that it might be ruining our plans. Ali reassured her that she didn’t mind a little rain and they stayed, enjoying the wine, the view, and each others company. Soon enough, it started to downpour. We were drenched! We quickly gathered all of our belongings and ran to the car. As we approached the car, Kate realized that she no longer had her keys. She ran back to the hill, in the dark, pouring down rain, in search. Ali stayed near the car with all the belongings and the blanket over her head. Kate reappeared quickly, having found the keys on the hill. We quickly hopped in the car and began laughing. Completely soaked and unsure of what to do, we sat there a few minutes. Ali offered up returning to her hotel for some towels and dry clothes, and finishing the bottle of wine with some snacks. 
We arrived at the hotel and immediately made our way up to Ali’s room. We dried off, put on some dry clothes, and reopened the bottle of wine. We stayed up for hours talking and getting to know each other. It was then Ali knew she couldn’t be without this girl. After several hours of talking, Kate decided she needed to make her way home as both she and Ali had work the next morning. Ali was leaving Saturday morning and Kate asked if she could see Ali again. Ali had to work until close to midnight Friday night but asked Kate if she’d be willing to come to the hotel after for another wine night. Kate agreed. 
Friday night, Ali got off work and back to her hotel around 12:30. Kate arrived shortly after. Ali had placed two bottles of wine and some snacks on the bed for them to enjoy. We stayed up all night talking, drinking wine, and sharing stories. Soon enough it would be time for Ali to go to the airport as she had a 6am flight out. She did not want to leave, thinking, “what if I just missed my flight?”. Kate insisted that Ali needed to get to the airport, although she didn’t want her to leave either. She ran and grabbed her car, pulling it to the front of the hotel. In the meantime, Ali packed, while crying. Kate raced upstairs and helped Ali get all of her stuff to the car. The whole way to the airport, Ali mentioned that she did not want to leave. As she arrived at the airport, she asked Kate to wait closely just in case she missed the flight. There was no one in line at security as it was such an early flight. Ali walked slowly toward the gate as she heard the last call for her flight, praying that the door had closed. As she got there, a woman asked her if she was Alison Lyons, to which she replied “yes”. The woman had held the door open for her and, while in tears, Ali asked them to close the door. The lady would not do so. Ali was the last one on the plane - frazzled and crying. She texted Kate that she had made it and Kate began crying in her car. We had no idea when we would see each other again. We texted all day and Ali FaceTimed Kate that evening from a wedding to show her how cool the moon looked. 
From then on, Kate and Ali texted and FaceTimed daily. Shortly thereafter they planned to meet up in Kansas City to attend a Chiefs game together. Kate is originally from southwest Missouri and has been a Chiefs fan her whole life. That weekend, not only did Ali and Kate attend a Chiefs game, but we made our way down to see Kate’s family and Ali met the whole fam. From then on, we’ve had plans to see each other, at the very least, once a month. We’ve spent Thanksgiving together with Ali’s family, did family Christmas with Kate’s family, and enjoyed a cozy New Years in Seattle. We still FaceTime every day and say goodnight to each other every night. Our goal is to move in with each other in a year and a half and finally start our life together. For now, we want to share our story, our relationship, our long distance struggles, and everything we can right here. Thanks for joining us for this adventure!