Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Hi, friends! My name is Kate (or Katie Jean if Ali is referring to me). I'm a proud midwesterner from a small town in Southwest Missouri. Yay, corn! My parents divorced when I was 1 so I'm still pretty shook up about it. Just kidding. : ) I couldn't have grown up in a better circumstance. My parents were able to co-parent and I was able to see either of them any time I wanted. Plus, I got two Christmas's! I've got the raddest half sisters and two of the cutest nephews.

I graduated college from Pittsburg State University (Kansas, not Pennsylvania) with a degree in Construction Management. After college, I moved to Denver to work for a construction company. My next stop in life landed me in Memphis for a year, which, if you've never been, I highly recommend. I can provide all of the food recommendations for your visit. After that, I decided to move home where I ended up purchasing a house. I lived there for 5 years and I still currently own it. My next chapter in life led me to Eastern Washington. I moved there for a 3.5 year relationship. Things were rocky before I moved and I thought being together would solve things. 6 months later we ended things and it was one of the hardest times in my life. I moved across the country only to realize she wasn't the one for me. At that point I had two choices: move home, or stay and figure things out as I went. It turns out, Washington is a badass place to live and I decided to stick around. I met some of my best friends there and ended up with a pretty awesome roommate. One of my friends worked for a construction company that was based in Seattle and he was able to pass along my resume. I ended up getting an offer and, after 2 years on the Eastern side of the state, I landed in Seattle, Washington which is where I currently reside. After 3 months of living here, I got the honor of being Ali's Uber driver. Just kidding, she totally asked me out. Ever since that night I knew she was the girl I wanted to spend my life with. We don't get to see each other as often as we like, but we make it work and we value the time we do get together. Plus, plane tickets are actually pretty reasonable.

My hobbies include: My sports teams! I've had the privilege of seeing all of my teams win a championship. I'm still on a Kansas City Chiefs Superbowl high. And I'm totally a hockey fan now. Thanks, Al! Now, onto my number 1 hobby/obsession/cult...dun dun dun...CrossFit!! I attend class 6 days a week and one of my favorite things to do is compete. I've got a competition coming up in Vancouver, BC with two friends and I couldn't be more excited. Plus, Ali will be there to cheer us on and it's a bonus that I get to see her during that time as well. So, if you need anyone to convince you to try CrossFit, even just once, I'm your gal.

I'm not bisexual and penis's are gross.

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